Cedar Gates

Make your entrance a focal point


A well-built gate makes a great addition to a fence, giving easy access in and out of your yard. Match your gate with the design of your fence for a consistent finish. When building a wooden gate, there are several factors to consider. Gates can be merely decorative, as in an arbor framing a walkway into your yard, or more secure, giving entrance through a full fence. The latter can prevent someone from seeing or accessing your private space, thanks to solid wood panel design and strong hardware.

Arched or Headers

Adding a header to your gate not only adds visual appeal but also improves the overall strength of your gate.

Gate / Fence Inserts

Accent your fence and landscape with fence inserts. Inserts come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs. Fence inserts add a certain style and personalize your landscaping.

Double Gates


Double Gates can be constructed in many sizes and shapes to incorporate whatever need you may have. From parking a car, boat, trailer or whatever, we can design a double gate to accommodate almost anything.

Gate Repair

We don’t usually do gate repairs only as we have a minimal charge for on site jobs. However if we are already at your property working on other projects like a fence or a deck we would gladly repair you gates. That being said from our experience most gates that require repair usually require a complete replacement as too many components are usually compromised by that point and the cost to repair vs replacement is usually the same if not cheaper to just simply build a new one.

A a gate to your fence project


2 year warranty on defects in workmanship on anything custom built by Richmond Cedarworks.




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